Michelangelo - Internationel Travel

Grand Tour of Italy – including Sicily

  • Experience the essence of Italy in one tour
  • Visit Milan, Tuscany, Rome, Assisi, Venice and Sicily
  • Michelangelo’s masterpiece - the Sistine Chapel
  • Local city guide in each city with headphones
16 Days
From 839 €

Sicily – Fascinating pearl of the Mediterranean

 Coach crew travels free!

  • Experience the variety of this amazing island with its thousand-year old history, unique and incredible nature, lively and artistic cities, paradisiacal climate
  • Flight-packages also available


8 Days
From 449 €

Aeolian Archipelago – Paradise for hikers

 See Stromboli and the spectacle of an eruption

  • Hotel only 5 minutes walk from the port of Lipari
  • All boat trips included
  • Flight-packages also available
  • 1 pair of ACTIVO hiking poles included
6 Days
From 534 €