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Emilia Romagna

Melt-in-the-mouth prosciutto, delightfully crunchy parmesan and stuffed pastas so delicious diners cannot help but smile between each mouthful, Emilia-Romagna sets the culinary bar high as it sets its table for visitors. Read more...

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The charming brink buildings and farmhouses scattered around the vast expanses of countryside give the region a warm, welcoming feel. Doors open easily in Emilia-Romagna. Passion for life and great food are exuded from the friendly faces that greet visitors and share the wealth of culture the area is known for. The region has an array of opportunities for groups.

Bite-sized Parma combines cuisine, architecture, masterpieces and artistic events, earning it recognition as the “Italian Cultural City of the Year” for 2020. The metropolis of Bologna has Europe’s oldest university, which continues to fuel minds and create its own unique, colorful atmosphere. Ravenna’s dazzling mosaics are must-see works of art. The seaside towns of Milano Marittima, Cervia and Rimini offer fun along the Adriatic. Modena is famous not only for its important contributions to the luxury car market – both Lamborghini and Ferrari are headquartered there – but for another timeless classic: balsamic vinegar. For opera lovers, greats like Giuseppe Verdi, Arturo Toscanini and Luciano Pavarotti were natives to the area, which allows for our tours to bring groups to the places that have inspired the musicians.

As Emilia-Romagna is home to some of the most important ingredients for cooking Italian and our GUSTO packages bring groups to do visits and tastings at local producers, vendors, markets, restaurants and the FICO Eataly World, as well as participate in hands-on cooking classes.

Our tours are designed to please the most refined tastes who will adore exploring everything Emilia-Romagna has to offer.

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