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Lake Maggiore & Lake Como – Garden tour in Italy's Lake District

 All entrance fees included

  • Experience and visit enchanting gardens and villas, real jewels of Lake Maggiore and Como
  • On request, tour guide for the whole tour


5 Days
From 284 €

Italian Lakes – The magical gardens and parks of northern Italy

 All entrance fees inlcuded

  • Experience Italy's finest gardens and their gorgeous locations, like Lake Garda, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore and Franciacorta
  • On request, tour guide for the whole tour
6 Days
From 229 €

Lombardy - Lake Como – From fishing villages to Italy's fashion capital

 Coach crew travels free!

  • Explore two world-famous locations: Lake Como and St Moritz in nearby Switzerland
  • Boat ride to the prettiest villages on the lake
  • Train ride on the Bernina Railroad through the magnificent Alps 
6 Days
From 314 €