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2010 - 2020 | 10th anniversary of activo tours

Our hiking, biking and e-biking tours with expert guides are aimed at active travellers ready to engage in unforgettable group travel experiences.

We started our activo product line in 2010 with just 20 itineraries throughout Italy, curious whether our clients would be interested in these types of tours. As we reflect on the last 10 years, we are proud to say that activo has been a great success; with the number of participants ever-growing, we have increased the number of itineraries to quench their demand.

2019 is a significant milestone for us. We enthusiastically celebrate 10 years of activo tours with you. Thank you for helping to make it happen!

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Hiking, Bike and E-Bike Tours

Get to know Italy on the move. Experience Italy’s most beautiful regions off the beaten track with Michelangelo and really get to know the country and its people whilst enjoying an active holiday.

What is activo?

activo tours allow your clients to discover Italy and her neighbouring Alpine countries either on foot or by bike. Continually developed by our dedicated activo team, our cycling and hiking tours are becoming more and more popular and allow travellers to experience stunning landscapes and nature savouring regional culinary delights as well, exploring both small villages and vibrant cities with their own unique atmosphere.

Who is activo suitable for?

activo is a programme dedicated to all who enjoy the journey as much as the destination, regardless of their age, thereby allowing you to discover new routes off the beaten track. This is an adventure combining the positive experience of gentle physical exercise with regional culinary delights, magnificent scenery and places of cultural interest.

How does activo work?

Be this on foot or in the saddle, your guests will discover the beauty of the both the journey and destination each day. Our tours are designed so that everyone can participate and are suitable for all as they can be tailored to each party. Our tours are accompanied by experienced hiking and cycling tour guides, who will ensure you get the most out of your holiday. When planning e-bike tours, Michelangelo and their partner company, Movelo, will take care of e-bike rental and transportation for the various tours.

What activo can do for you!

With our activo programmes, you will be able to win new groups of customers and excite them with fun itineraries. activo programmes are also ideal for clubs, associations or companies planning special events.

Hiking Tours

We offer delightful hiking tours to Italy’s most beautiful locations and have expanded our offer to include neighbouring countries as well. Our hiking tours are suitable for all who enjoy physical exercise and are accompanied by an experienced hiking tour guide. Every guest will receive a free pair of activo hiking poles.

Bike Tours

Our cycle tours allow your guests to explore both popular destinations and those hidden gems “off the beaten track” on two wheels. They are suitable for all those who enjoy cycling on well-maintained bike paths and quieter side roads, while discovering the most beautiful countryside by bike. It is not just sport though, as we balance the cycling with enjoyable cultural experiences and culinary delights to provide a perfect holiday experience.

E-Bike Tours

Our e-bike tours offer more casual cyclists an added boost with the provision of special bikes with built-in electric motors. These easy-to-ride bikes ensure that it is the scenery alone, which takes your breath away! Our programmes allow you to tap into the e-bike boom enabling you to offer exciting new and less energetic tours to would-be cyclists. We take care of every detail, from planning the routes, to providing e-bikes and charging stations, right through to providing experienced cycling tour guides, who will accompany your clients.

Retreats & Specials Moments

Are you a yoga instructor looking to host a yoga retreat in Italy? Or are you an operator offering meditative holidays to clients?

Let us lift the stress off you; as leaders in the field, we will happily facilitate the organization of your tour by taking care of all the travel services for your yoga trips in Italy.

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