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Opera Festival at the Arena di Verona

The Roman amphitheater (better known as Arena) is, with Romeo and Juliet, the symbol of this city. It was probably built in I century and like all the amphitheaters housed the gladiator’s spectacles. A solid and impressive structure with the exterior faced of bricks and red marble (called “rosso Verona”) which create a particular chromatic effect; the interior with its central stage and a tier of concentric seats give an effect of grandeur. The Arena maintains its hundred-years function indeed it still is the stupendous background of concerts and musical manifestations.

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Programme 2017

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Preview 2018

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Venice - La Fenice Theatre

‘Fenice’ is the Italian name for phoenix, the legendary bird, that is resurrected out of its ashes. And so it also happened with the opera house, which was given its name, because the previous building fell victim to a large fire in 1773. In 1792 the new house was inaugurated and developed into one of the most important stages in Europe. But the fire demon soon struck again. In 1836 La Fenice again suffered heavy damages due to a fire. This time, however, the building was able to be made playable again in a fairly short timespan, so that its excellent reputation could be preserved.


Programme 2018

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    Preview 2018

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    Milan - Teatro alla Scala

    Built in 1778 by the architect Giuseppe Piermarinione, the Teatro Alla Scala today is one of the leading opera and ballet theatres in the world. It was built on the former location of the Church of Santa Maria alla Scala, which gave its name to the theatre.

    An opera at La Scala is the dream of all opera fans. Due to the great demand it is not easy to get access to tickets for an opera here. Michelangelo can assist with the organization of opera tours and provide tickets.

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    Andrea Bocellis Teatro del Silenzio in Lajatico

    The Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli became famous all over the world by bringing opera to the masses, using his unique style to merge light music with his incredible tenor voice. His live performances have won over millions of fans with “Time To Say Goodbye” being his greatest hit. In 2010 his star was added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, cementing his worldwide reputation.
    In 2006 Bocelli initiated an innovative project combining art, culture and landscape through the construction of an open-air amphitheatre in the heart of the Tuscan hills near his hometown Lajatico, located in the province of Pisa.
    The venue hosts a one-off annual concert by Bocelli in summer and remains silent the rest of the year (hence the name Teatro del Silenzio - Theatre of Silence). A sculpture in the form of a human face is located in the centre of the structure. Designed by the Polish sculptor, Igor Mitoraj, for the performance of the opera Manon Lescaut, it was then left to the theatre foundation as a gift.
    Both the stage and audience seating areas are completely dismantled and removed when not in use, and the venue returns to its natural silent state becoming an artificial lake for the rest of the year.
    Bocelli’s concert is an extraordinary way to enjoy the beauty of the Tuscan countryside, surrounded by enchanting hills whilst being entertained by his music and voice.