Michelangelo - Internationel Travel

Michelangelo International Travel

Risatti Tours was founded in 1981 by Giovanni and Lorenzo Risatti, hoteliers from Limone. From the very start, the agency specialised in the organisation of German-speaking group trips, carried out in close cooperation with established partners in Germany.

The rebranding as Michelangelo International Travel took place in 1994 in partnership with Germano Chincherini († May 2000), founder and owner of the renowned hotel-chain Parc Hotels Italia. With the addition of this new partner, the company philosophy likewise expanded. As of 1999, our full range of products became available for booking by all coach tour operators and tourism companies in Europe and North America.

With our catalogues and Italy guide, we offer our clients useful tools in selecting their desired Italy program.

Why work with us?

Creative competence: successful trips are ensured by our 65+ motivated employees mostly English, German and French-speaking.

Reliability: fixed group allotments in more than 300 hotels all over Italy

Valued partner: more than 800 companies carry out over 4000 group trips with us per year

Product variety: introducing 9 themed tour products for the English-speaking markets: Classico, Activo, Cyclo, Gusto, Maestro, Giardino, Treno, Evento, Expo

Commitment: our entire management team has been with the company since its founding 

Onsite experts: Italy: Lake Garda, Rome, Naples, Milano, Venice. USA: Chicago.  Germany: Dortmund.

Consolidated know-how: our annually published 400-paged Italy Guide, a reference guide with a picture- book appearance

Tested quality: the only Italian Incoming Tour Operator to be ISO 9001-2008 certified by the independent German organization TUV Nord.